Antagon is a Psychedelic Trance project from Hamburg/ Germany.

His musical roots were laid in the Death Metal Scene of the early ninetees. In 1996 he became interested in the Psychedelic Trance Scene and several years later he started spinning cds and vinyl.

2005 was the year of birth for the Antagon Project. After several months at the studio and a year of learning the basics of audio production techniques at SAE Hamburg, the project developed and the first live gigs came up.

Since 2006 Antagon has been playing at numerous national and international parties and festivals all around the globe. During these years he has contributed more than 50 tracks on various compilations and released five full albums.

In 2007 he met Alpha from Hamburg/Germany, after several studio sessions both artists decided to establish another live-project. -Z- (alpha & antagon) was born and it developed pretty fast.

Antagon was part of the Dance Temple Stage Managing team at BOOM festival til 2018. Additionally he worked as a stage manager for several editions on Ozora, Transylvania Calling, Psi-Fi Festival and Spirit Base Festival.

As a mastering engineer Antagon has been working for numerous labels since 2011 and is the founder of Interzone Mastering. He is responsible for the mastering of various CD and online releases from labels like Damaru Rec., Alice-D Rec., Sangoma Rec., PMM Rec. or Maniac Psycho Pro..