Blisargon Demogorgon bio: Blisargon Demogorgon real name is Valentino Trenchev and he’s from Macedonia, born in the year of 1982 in the capital city Skopje. I

n the year of 1999 Valentino started to produce his own tracks, and he started out with Fruityloops. Valentino didn’t seem to find the right power in order to express what was going on in his mind, and turned his mind to Mod plug tracker, Cubase, Logic and finally decided to stick with Cubase.

Valentino’s first track got released in 2003 on Nabi records and also after he released many tracks in compilations on labels like Stone age, Ketuh, Doof, Alkaloid, Golden dawn, Peak, Kagdila, Acidance, Manic dragon, Hypnotica, Digital Psionics, Bhooteshwara, Plutonic, Killah Tea, Pixan, Shaman Films, Pleiadian, Zaikadelic, Psylife, Divine Balance, Samsara, Goanmantra, Tremors Underground, Mental Mekanix, Evil Knivel, Purple Hexagon, 2to6, Caffix, Blitz Studio, Urban Antidote, Shiva Squad, Triptec and two albums were released one by Inpsyde media records in 2007 called ”Book of Magic” and one collaborations album released by Bhooteshwara records in 2010 called ”Ruthless Illusions”.

The music that streams out of this project is generally deep and powerful with a lot of leads and rhythms supported by mystic atmospheres.



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