Igor also known as TerraTech, very early became interested in electronic music and beganhis search for different styles of Psytrance Music around the year 2001.

The first steps were taken by private parties and local clubs in Portugal, so then thetendency for mixing was the beginning of knowledge, and lately in 2005 they were the basisto create his solo project under the name TerraTech.

After his first experiences and deep productions, many tracks were been released on severallabels well known in the underground scene, as Urban Antidote where he is the head of thelabel since 2010, Insomnia, Lycantrop, Bhooteshwara, OmVeda, 2to6, Deviant Force, MindExpansion (Psycrowdelica Family with Love), Sangoma, Temple Twisters, and more, justnaming a few.

With more than a decade in the psychedelic scene, many regular performances all over theEurope, Asia, America, and in Big Festivals like BOOM in Portugal, Psychedelic Circus,Psycrowdelica, Odyssee, in Germany, UFO-Bufo in Czech Republic, Andra Vaerlden inSweden, Waha in Romania, Revision in Greece, and so on.

TerraTech sound is designed with a dynamic feeling, diving atmospheres, specially involvedby organic and cosmic sounds, a moment to explore all your deep emotions at a dancefloor,original production based on all aspects of psychedelic domains.

This last years Igor compiled many releases at Urban Antidote where hes been active sincethen, Optoplanar was the name chosen for the first one, Renewal is the second one wichwas the best seller of the label, Modulating Architects (Along Dj Amazon) the third one, TENwas the number four, particularly to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the label.Nowadaysmany projects are running to come out, so stay tuned for the surprises!